We are a community, connecting sisters who want to make the world a better place together through reviving the correct Qur’an recitation; to recite as how our Prophet Muhammad sallahu ‘alaihi wasallam recited.

We believe everyone should have the chance to make a difference. That is why we make this program as a place for sisters to connect and create real impacts together.



  1. 1) To enhance sense of belongingness. Countless sisters live among people who are not yet practicing Islam in the correct manner or even live among a not yet muslim community. Hence, it is our utmost hope that through this programme, many sisters found a place where they can fit in.
  2. 2) To support the foundation committee so they can be more fulfilled and effective in their work.
  3. 3) Boost the foundation’s reach out, cultivate active friends and advocates – a support base in the community for the foundation and for the sisters we serves.
  4. 4) Educate the public about what we do and why we do it.
  5. 5) Contribute your ideas and input – give feedbacks to us on what you think about programs, projects and etc.



  1. 1) Welcoming all sisters to come and join the foundation through volunteering.
  2. 2) Engage the volunteer according to their own profession.
  3. 3) Spreading the foundation’s activity in their own social media and circle.
  4. 4) Involve the volunteers in programs or projects.




  1. 1) Befriending/Mentoring/CounsellingBefriending/mentoring can offer volunteers the opportunity to provide support and friendship to a person who may be going through a difficult period, is feeling lonely, or is adjusting to a major change in their life. Potential activities can include meeting with a sister to go shopping or visiting a sister who might be isolated in their community to have a chat over a cup of coffee.
    As for counselling/listening volunteers, you can provide practical and emotional support to others who are enduring a difficult time or recovering from a traumatic experience. There are lots of ways to volunteer and help, from counselling those suffering from depression to lending an ear to someone in any type of emotional distress. Volunteering roles for counselling are available for qualified counsellors. This is an on-going volunteering. (Sensitive matter, delicate, need to interview more deep. Their background must be in psychology and those in this field)


  1. 2) Administrative
    The foundation require volunteers for office administration assistance . Potential activities can include administrative work, computing, managing a committee, and much more. In this category, it is further divided into several departments; administration, education, finance, human resource and marketing.


  1. 3) Events
    A one time volunteering. Help to organise the events, take care of booth and provide a warm welcome to event attendees helping to ensure events run smoothly and safely.Events list:

    1. 1) Qada’ and Qadar class every 3rd Monday
    2. 2) Student reunion anually
    3. 3) Iftar anually
    4. 4) Retreat anually
    5. 5) Booths
    6. 6) Others


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